Bio3D Systems

Overview of Bio3D Systems

Many people ask us "Are your systems modified from normal 3D printers?". The answer is a resounding no.

Our scientists and engineers spent years designing, developing and building our systems from ground up specifically for research and scientific applications. We have spent more than 3 years improving our systems and still counting.


  • Bio3D SYN^ For researchers

    Bio3D SYN^
    is a high-end research 3D printing instrument for a variety of R&D applications including life sciences, biomedicine, polymers and materials.

    - Superior XYZ resolution of 1 micron
    - Any number of printing heads
    - Multiple materials printing
    - Modular design
    - Interchangable print heads
    - Nozzle-to-Platform auto-alignment
    - Metallic chasis and frame
    - Proprietary anti-vibration levitating print platform
    - Supports different printing technologies
    - Built-in UV sterilisation
    - Real-time feedback and tracking
    - Remote viewing and control
    - Low switching and running cost
    - Highly versatile and customisable

  • Bio3D ExplorersFor beginners and educators

    Bio3D Explorer
    is an affordable entry-level bioprinting instrument for researchers, beginners and educators who wish to explore bioprinting but without the high cost.

    - High XYZ resolution of 5 microns
    - 1 to 4 printing heads available
    - Light-weight and foldable
    - Full metallic body and printing head
    - Modular printing head design
    - Microextrusion printing with photo-polymerisation
    - Supports different printing technologies
    - Comes with a stainless steel nozzle
    - Low-switching and running cost
    - Future-proofed
    - Add-ons, kits and upgrades
    - Customisable
    - Easy cleaning



* Bio3D technologies and products are patents-pending.