Bio3D Modules

Modules and Add-ons for Bio3D Systems

Bio3D systems are highly versatile with built-in interchangeable printing heads for easy swapping and changing of different printing heads for different applications and uses.

These heads are suitable for both Bio3D SYN^ and Bio3D Explorer.

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Printing Heads

  • Micro-Extrusion

    For printing cells and other liquid materials.

  • Micro-Extrusion
    (with heating)

    For printing cells and ensuring cells viability during longer prints or for other applications that require heating.

  • Micro-Extrusion
    (with blue light photopolymerisation)

    For printing photocurable materials. Cell-friendly too.

  • Micro-Extrusion
    (with UV)

    For printing UV-curable materials.

  • Thermoplastic Extrusion

    For printing thermoplastics such as PLA and ABS.




* Bio3D technologies and products are patents-pending.