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Many people have wondered and asked what and how 3D printing can aid in their research. Efforts, time and costs are required in the decision to make the first step into 3D printing and bioprinting, thus we understand that many scientists and researchers have burning questions on these new areas.

Here, we compiled the most recent studies and articles from around the world on 3D printing and bioprinting. This list will be updated from time to time and we hope this non-exhaustive list will give you the reader some insights into 3D printing and bioprinting. As the trend in 3D printing will only keep rising, we encourage you to search for more publications on as well.

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Online articles

17 June 2015
Bioprinted Valves That Grow: How 3D Printing is Transforming Heart Surgery

15 May 2015
Soft-tissue engineering for hard-working cartilage

30 Apr 2015
Dutch scientists successfully 3D print the first clavicle to be used in surgery

29 Apr 2015
Utrecht Researchers Begin 3D Printing Bone Cartilage

29 Apr 2015
3D Printing Used To Create 4D Airway Splint, Saving Three Babies From Death

24 Apr 2015
Researchers used 4D printing to create a valve that opens and contracts according to water temperature

22 Apr 2015
Medical 3-D Printing Will 'Enable a New Kind of Future'

16 Apr 2015
3-D printed prosthetic market worth $537M. Are 3-D printed organs next?

16 Apr 2015
Wake Forest researchers create 3D printed "beating" heart cell

19 Mar 2015
Pharma moves into 3D printing with customizable drug delivery devices

4 Mar 2015
3D printing with bioresorbable polymers may result in less invasive, fewer medical procedures

23 Feb 2015
3D-printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves

12 Feb 2015
3D Printing with DNA-Based “Smart Glue”

9 Feb 2015
3-D printing with custom molecules creates low-cost mechanical sensor

1 December 2014
Harvard researchers using 3-D printing to create customized airway stents

22 September 2014
University of Louisville working on 'bioficial heart' using 3-D printing

25 August 2014
Chinese physicians implant first 3-D printed vertebrae in child

14 August 2014
Tufts Researchers Grow Miniature 3D Brains with Big Potential for 3D Bioprinting

23 July 2014
3-D printing grows to scale within industry

1 July 2014
Researchers successfully 3D print blood vessels, a ‘game changer’ for artificial organs

30 June 2014
Bio-printing transplantable tissues, organs: Another step closer

24 June 2014
Nestle Wants to Meet Dietary Needs with 3D Food Printing

22 June 2014
MIT researchers building mini human livers with 3D printing

31 May 2014
Scientists use 3D printing to build better blood vessels

27 May 2014
New 3D Printed Cartilage Could Ease Chronic Back Pain

13 May 2014
Biochips, bioprinting offer alternative drug testing options

12 May 2014
Harvard's heart disease-on-a-chip mimics real tissue and disease

25 Apr 2014
Generating Interest: A Regenerative 3D Bioprinting Breakthrough

11 Apr 2014
Researchers uses 3D printing to generate in-vitro 3D tumor models

10 Mar 2014
3D printed artificial bones filed for Japan approval

20 Mar 2014
Anatomically Accurate Aorta Cells 3D Printed at Sabancı University in Turkey

6 Mar 2014
Research into 3D-Bioprinting may soon produce transplantable human tissues

5 Mar 2014
Benjamin Harrison 's TEDx talk: bioprinting - the impossible can be possible

20 Feb 2014
Harvard scientists 3D bioprint layered tissue with blood vessels

13 Feb 2014
New block-cell printing ups brain cell survival rate

10 Feb 2014
Doctor to 3D bioprint cartilage into knees

6 Feb 2014
3D Bioprinting: Now with Human Embryonic Stem Cells

6 Feb 2014
Can Organs Be 3D Bioprinted? A Stem Cell Trachea Will Tell

6 Feb 2014
Utrecht's "tissue factory" experiments further with 3D bioprinting

14 Jan 2014
NIH partners with Organovo to develop 3D printable living tissues

6 Jan 2014
Breakthrough in Bioprinting: 3-D Printer Reproduces Eye Cells for the First Time

6 Jan 2014
Japanese researchers 3D print blood vessels using patient's skin cells

17 Dec 2013
Dutch organization for burn wounds gets 3D printer

6 Dec 2013
Heart transplants using 3D printed organs within 10 years?

19 Nov 2013
New project aims to 3D print heart within a decade

8 Oct 2013
3-D-printed bacteria may unlock secrets of diseases

1 May 2013
3D Printed Bionic Ears

Publications and journals


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