Consumables for Bio3D Systems

Get reagents, nozzles and additional optional parts (or enhancements) that can aid and speed up your 3D printing and bioprinting work.

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  • Stainless Steel Nozzles (Regular)
    Size from 18G to 30G. Customisation is avaialble.



  • Tip Washing and Waste Tray (B3D-0001)
    One chamber for washing of printing tip and another chamber with lid for disposal of sample waste. Lid prevents splashing of waste material.

  • Slides Holder (B3D-0002)
    Holds up to 2 microscope slides securely during printing.

  • Platform Raiser (B3D-0003)
    Raise your existing printing surface to a higher height to fit different containers, lab vessls and other labware.

  • Centrifuge Tube Holder for 15ML and 50ML (B3D-0004-15/50)
    Holds a centrifuge tube stably for sample pipetting, extruding or other uses.


* Bio3D technologies and products are patents-pending.